To set System-level user access click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and select Organization Settings.



You will now see a list of all of the system admin and non-admin level users. System Admin level users are denoted by a green checkmark.

From here you can search for a user in the search box, delete a user or edit a user access level.

To edit the access level of a user click "Edit". You can then select or deselect the box to make them a system admin-level user.

You have now updated system-level user permissions.

System Admin Level User

  • Can access all sections of the TeamGenius website

  • Can invite new users and set access levels of other users

Non-Admin level User

Can Access

  • Organizational Profile

  • System Settings – Use player ID, Use profile Images – On/Off

  • Player records and:


                    - Edit current player records

                    - Add new players one at a time

                    - Import players from SportsEngine, TeamSnap, or via a CSV file.

  • Can create additional assessments within your TeamGenius account.

Blocked Access -

  • Creating new users

  • Setting Admin level status of current users

  • Access to other assessments unless given permission by the creator of the assessment.

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