If you are running a player evaluation and would like your evaluators to enter more than one score per criteria per player, we have a couple of options for you.  Each will give you a different reporting view so be sure to check them both out.

You can create a scoring form with your criteria, shown below.



Name the scoring form along with a number that represents the attempt. For example Skills day 1, Gameplay 1, Drills 1st attempt.

Then clone your scoring form by clicking on the three vertical dots to the far right.  


Increase the number that represents the evaluator's next score. In the example below the cloned scoring from is now called Day 2 Scores.


If you set up your assessment in this way, in the Team Placement page, you will have an average score per scoring form, shown below.



The second way you can have multiple entries per criteria is to create only one scoring from like below.


When evaluators are entering their first round of scores, have them enter their email when logging in with a "1" at the beginning.  For example, instead of entering melissa@teamgenius.com, enter 1melissa@teamgenius.com.  When entering the second round of scores, have evaluators start their email with a "2" (2melissa@teamgenius.com) in front of their email address.  

The aggregate scores page will now give you the average of each criterion like below.



TeamGenius will treat these different email entries like two separate evaluators, but you can easily tell that they are the same evaluator entering an additional set of scores.