To access All Scores navigate to Results in the left side menu of your assessment.



This is where the raw data entered by the on-field evaluators is displayed. Below the Search bar are columns for the evaluator, player pool, player number, and player name (which may be sorted and filtered as desired). 

To the left of the Evaluators button is where you can switch between Evaluation Session and Scoring Form.


To the upper right of the screen are two grey-shaded buttons: Reports, which allows you three report-generating options: Team Placements, Team Rosters for Coaches, and Team Detail (see below in Reports section) and Export Grid (again allowing three download options: PDF, CSV, and Excel).

export_grid.png    Reports.png


To change the view of your table and add/remove columns, click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the table and select "Choose Columns" from the drop-down menu.



Aggregate Scores offers you a different view on the scoring data. 


The tables now display every player’s rollup averages for all of the selected criteria scores. Clicking on any of the aggregate data results will display a popup window showing all of the individual evaluator contributions to that score's average.  


If comments have been entered for a Player in this scoring form, a comments button will appear. 

Clicking this will show a popup with the aggregate comments from all evaluators, broken out by Evaluation Criterion.



The ranking score for each Player is shown in the column with the TeamGenius owl in the header. This is the TeamGenius score, an aggregate compilation of all the player's scores for this scoring form, then rescaled to be between 0 and 100.


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