This tab on the Results page contains final Player rankings for the Assessment and includes options for creating rosters / placing players on a team.

1. Go to the Results tab and select the "Scores and Rankings" tab. 


You’ll see a column for each Evaluation Session and Scoring Form, and the corresponding score for each Player from those sections (The scoring forms in the example below are Gameplay and Skills. This may be different for your Assessment). The final Player Ranking is in the column with the TeamGenius logo in the header.


If you'd like to see the breakdown of average scores per skill in a scoring form, click on a listed score.


A new window will pop up with the numerical averages as well as a chart to visualize a player's abilities.  In the chart view, players with more shaded areas have received a higher ranking.


Clicking on the box to the left of "Show Labels" will add the numeric average scores in the chart view.

Team Formation:

To form teams, click on the filter icon in the Player Pool column to filter by a single Player Pool. The players will be ordered high to low according to their final TeamGenius score.  


Now, select the placements dropdown in the Team Placement column.


*Note - if you don't have Teams created yet, click the Manage Teams button to create Teams.

Now, those Teams appear in the drop-down list making it easy to place players on a specific team.

If you would like to compare two players before assigning teams, first click on a score listed for the first player to access the pop-up window.  To the left of the chart is the option to select another player. 


Click on "Select a Player" to find the player you would like to compare.  Both players will be listed in either table form (Scores selection with green scores being higher)rankings_compare_scores.png

or in a visual chart form.  



After you are done placing your players on teams you have multiple push and communication options. You can sync your team's roster to SportsEngine, TeamSnap, or TeamGenius Teams for in-season evaluations. You can also print a Team Placement report showing every player and team or email all players which teams they were placed on.


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