You can send reports by web link that can be opened in any browser and shared. See below to find

out how to send Online reports.



You can change the report type to online report by inserting the AthleteReportLink placeholder into the email body. 

This will also give you additional report options and will turn off the sending of a pdf report. Show or hide pool rank, pool average, comments and more.


Change Report Colors:

You can change the color in a report on the Organization Settings menu. Navigate to Organization Settings by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner, and finding it in the dropdown menu.

Next to your Logo Image, you'll see two options for Primary and Secondary Color.

Make sure to hit save after you set your Primary and Secondary colors.

The Primary color will affect the header background color and the scoring form name on your report.

The Secondary color will affect the Scoring Form names on your report.