To review how to access the assessment, see our article: Accessing the Web Evaluation Application

Selecting Player Pools

Once in the assessment, you will see a list of players within the Player Pool you've been assigned. 

If you are evaluating multiple player pools, you will see the player pools you have access to on the left side of the screen. 

Filtering Options

Once you've selected the Player Pool you'd like to begin evaluating, you can further filter this group by clicking on the drop down arrows for Filter by Eval Group or Filter by Position.

This opens up a selection box where you can choose 1 or more groups/positions to filter by within the player pool. Click Apply once finished. 

You can also sort by data entered in each column by clicking on the filter icon.

Selecting Players

Select players for scoring by checking the box to the left of the player name and photo (if your club is capturing profile images).  

You can select all by checking the box to the left of the Player column header. 

You can also search for a player by clicking on the search icon to the left of the Position and Eval Group buttons. Type the player's name. All possible matches will auto-populate. 

Once you have selected all players you will be evaluating, click the green "Go To Scoring" button and select a scoring form. 

Note: If your organization is only using one scoring form, the name of the form will be in green. Click on the form name to access the scoring form. 

For details on how to submit scores and enter comments, see our articles below:

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Note: This will not require you to have a TeamGenius account.  You will only need to enter your Name, Email and Access Key.  You will not be able to see other evaluators scores, only the scores and comments that you enter.