Instructions are entered by your organization for each criteria you will be evaluating the players on. It's important to always check for instructions before you start to submit scores within an assessment.

You have two different ways to view assessment instructions provided by your organization. 

  1. From the Systems menu
  2. Within the Criteria on the scoring form

From the Systems Menu

To access the evaluation instructions for your assessment click on your organization icon in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Click on Instructions.

 A new page will open displaying the instructions provided for each criterion and under which scoring form you can find those criterion. 

Within the Criteria on the Scoring Form

If you are within the scoring form section under the Scoring Controls view, click on the Word Bubble icon next to the criterion name. 

Click Instructions to view any details your organization has provided about that specific criterion.

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Note: This will not require you to have a TeamGenius account. You will only need to enter your Name, Email and Access Key.  You will not be able to see other evaluators scores, only the scores and comments that you enter.