In any scoring form, you can move between players and scoring criteria by two methods:

  1. Using the arrows next to the player's/criterion name
  2. Scrolling and selecting players/criteria in the left navigation menu

Using the Arrows Next to the Player's Criterion Name

If you are in the players view or criteria view, you are able to use the navigation arrows " < >" next to the player's name or criteria name to move between players/criteria. 

This will navigate you between players/criteria based on how they are sorted within the left navigation menu. 

Players view:

Criteria view:

Scrolling and Selecting the Players/Criteria in the Left Navigation Menu

To move to a new player or criteria, use the menu on the left to find the player/criteria you'd like to score next. Click on the player or criteria name to start scoring. 

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Note: This will not require you to have a TeamGenius account.  You will only need to enter your Name, Email and Access Key.  You will not be able to see other evaluators scores, only the scores and comments that you enter.