Subjective scores ask the evaluators to rate a player on a given criteria based on the scale or values provided by the organization who set up the assessment. 

For details on how to submit quantitative scores, see our article: Entering Quantitative Scores in Web Evaluation

Below is a quick video showing you how to submit subjective scores using our Web Evaluation tool.

Before you can start submitting scores, you first need to access the assessment, then select the players you want to begin scoring. See the articles below for details on how to complete both steps:

Once you've completed the steps above, select if you want to submit scores using the Scoring Controls view or the Scoring Gird view. Our article: View Options in the Web Evaluation goes into detail about both views. 

Entering Scores using the Scoring Controls View

In the menu on the left side of the page, select if you want to view and submit scores for each player individually or for one criterion at a time. 

The Players view allows you to submit scores for 1 player at a time across all the criteria within a scoring form. 

The Criteria view allows you to submit scores in 1 criterion across all players within your selected view. 

For more details on these viewing options, see our article: View Options in Web Evaluation Scoring Forms

Input Types

We have three options available for the input type within a scoring criteria (the organization who set up the assessment decides which input type will be used for each criteria):

  • Slider Scale - This is a numerical input type. You are able to type in the number you'd like rate the player at in the provided input box or slide the button to the desired rating. You can also add a comment by clicking into the comment box below. IMPORTANT NOTE: Entering "0" as a score will count towards the player's overall rating. If you do not want to score the player in the criteria, leave it blank. 

  • Drop Down Menu - This is a name value input type. The organization creating the assessment will add in name values to select from when setting the player's rating within the criteria. The values are ordered from worst at the top to best at the bottom. Click into the drop down box to see the available options, then click the one you'd like to save as the player's score. 

  • Button Group - This is a name value input type. The organization creating the assessment will add in name values to select from when setting the player's rating within the criteria. The values are ordered from worst at the left to best at the right. Click into the bubble next to the value you'd like to save as the player's score. 

Adding Comments & Checking Progress

Once you have added the value you'd like to set as that player's score within the criteria, you will see a green check mark to the left of the criteria name letting you know the score has been saved. 

If you want to delete the score, click the trash can icon. 

You have the option to record a comment for each criteria. Click on the word bubble icon to expose the comment section. 

Type your comment into the provided word box. 

If your organization is using comment snippets, you will see a blue snippets button above the word box with available comments for you to click on and add into the word box without having to type it out on your own. Simply click on the comment you'd like to record and it will appear in the word box. 

A comment is saved when you click out of the word box.

To check your progress within the scoring form, look at the percentage tracker to the right of the criteria or player you are scoring in the navigation menu on the left. Once players and criteria are at 100%, you have completed the evaluation. 

Entering Scores using the Scoring Grid View

To switch to the scoring grid view, click scoring grid in the top right corner.

This option resembles a spreadsheet.

The players you've select are viewable in the column on the left. Each criteria available to score on within the scoring form are headers of the columns.

On the left side, you will see the scoring increments that are available to use. Drop down lists or button group options can be found by clicking on an individual cell.

In the example below, you can enter scores in 0.5 increments with 5 being the highest score. The passing criteria are scored on a scale from Poor to Excellent.

Click in a box below the criterion name and type in the desired score.  

Either use your mouse to click into a different criterion or hit enter on your keyboard to advance to the criterion to the right. If your score does not meet the requirements listed at the top of the table your score will have a red "x" next to it.

If you'd prefer the enter button advance down (to the next player on the list grading the same criterion), click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and select "Move Down" from the drop down list.

If your score does not meet the scoring increment requirements, it will not save. Saved scores will show a red trash can icon when scrolling over them so you can delete the score. 

Note: You are not able to submit comments for each criterion in this scoring view. If the organization has Overall Comments enabled, you will see a comment box as an option within the grid. This is to record general comments not tied to a specific criterion. 

You will not see a percentage tracker in this view. All players have been scored once the grid has scores recorded under each criteria for all players.

If you need to navigate to a different scoring form, see our article on Switching Scoring Forms in Web Evaluation.

Note: Web Evaluation will not require you to have a TeamGenius account. You will only need to enter your Name, Email and Access Key. You will not be able to see other evaluators scores, only the scores and comments that you enter.

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