First select if you want to view your players by player name or the criteria you will be scoring them on. Selecting PLAYERS will give you individual players with the criteria on the right. Selecting CRITERIA will give you criteria with all of the selected players on the right.

You have two different view for entering scores through our Web Evaluation. You can use the Scoring Controls view which will resemble the functionality of the mobile app, and the Scoring Grid.  You can score by clicking on the score box and typing in the score.

 You can also score by clicking the number on the slider for the score.

You can click on the - or + buttons on either side of the slider bar.

You can also click on the slider with your mouse or finger and slide it to where the score should be.

After you score you have the option of putting in comments. To get to comments click on the bubble window on the right of the score. 

You may have preset comments you can select or add, you can type out your comments in this section. It will autosave when done.

You can also enter scores using the Scoring Grid view which will resemble entering numbers into a spread sheet.

Click on Scoring Grid.

Click in a box below the criterion name.  Notice at the top you will see the scoring options.  In this example you can enter 0.05 for the lowest score, and 5 for the highest.  

Enter the desired score and hit enter on your keyboard to advance to the criterion to the right. If your score does not meet the requirements listed at the top of the table your score will have a red "x" next to it.

Hover over this "x" to understand what you need to change. 

If you'd prefer the enter button advance down (to the next player on the list grading the same criterion), click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and select "Move Down" from the drop down list.

Once done scoring a section you can navigate to the next form by clicking the drop-down "Scoring Form" in the lower upper corner and selection the next form you want to score. 

Note: Web Evaluation will not require you to have a TeamGenius account. You will only need to enter your Name, Email and Access Key. You will not be able to see other evaluators scores, only the scores and comments that you enter.

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