Are you a SportsEngine customer? If you are using the Teams section in TeamGenius to build your rosters after tryouts, you are able to sync the teams to your SportsEngine account. 

Note: You will need System Administrator access in SportsEngine to perform the sync. 

The video above will show you how to sync your teams from TeamGenius to SportsEngine. 

Below, we'll walk through these steps in detail. 

Note: If you need to add players to teams in TeamGenius, follow the steps in our article, Team Placement in TeamGenius, before returning here. 

Step 1: Select the TeamGenius teams to sync to SportsEngine

Hover over Teams in the top navigation menu, then click Manage Teams. 

 Click the button Sync teams to SportsEngine. 

Select the teams you want to sync to SportsEngine and press Continue.

 Step 2: Select the SportsEngine Team, Season, Subseason and Page

Select the SportsEngine team, season, subseason and page you want to sync the teams to in SportsEngine and press Continue. You will need to make a selection in each of these categories to advance further. 

Step 3: Review your team details in SportsEngine


Once the sync is completed (which can take a few minutes), you will see a confirmation message in TeamGenius.

The details from TeamGenius that sync to SportsEngine are the player's first name, last name, email address and profile photo (if taken in TeamGenius). All other information will need to be added from within SportsEngine.

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