Does the mobile app require an internet connection when scoring players?

No, you only need an internet connection to load the assessment setup.  After that, if the location where you evaluate players does not have an internet connection, the app will automatically go into offline mode, allowing you to collect scores on the device, then sync up when a connection is available later.

Can I import players from my registration system?

Yes, first you need to export your registration to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) format file. TeamGenius will step you through mapping fields from your file into the TeamGenius Player records prior to import. SportsEngine, TeamSnap and LeagueApps customers can import players directly through our integration.

Can I evaluate players with the same criteria I’ve used before on paper?

In most cases, yes.  You can build your assessment using any mix of quantitative and subjective scoring. See our article - Setting up Scoring Forms - for details. 

Can I have players tryout over multiple days or on different days?

Yes, our Assessment setup is completely configurable and easy to set up to capture assessments over multiple days.  Our analytics engine will provide clear insight into player performance and rankings for each day as well as across the entire assessment. Check out our article - Creating Evaluation Sessions - for details. 

We use subjective scoring and quantified tests.  Can TeamGenius assessments work with both?

Yes, your assessment can be made up of both quantitative data (time, counts or other measured values) and subjective data (e.g. rate player’s passing ability on a scale of 1-5). Our article - Setting Up Scoring Forms - will cover the details. 

Is the technology stable? It’s not on some server in your basement is it?

TeamGenius is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. It’s extremely stable and even scales up the bandwidth automatically if needed to handle the load when we have a lot of activity. We’ve never had an outage or performance problem. 

Will scoring players with TeamGenius use all of my cellular data?

No, the app is very efficient and uses only a small amount of data, even when entering scores continuously for several hours.

Is my data secure?

Yes, our platform is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud Infrastructure which meets every industry security standard. We take great care in ensuring your data is secure.

Do you own our data? Who owns the data?

You have full access to export all of your data and do with it what you please. We don’t own any personally identifiable information (PII), but we do reserve the right to use non-PII like aggregate scores, or 40 yard dash times for example.

Can I send reports and results to the players and their parents?

Yes, you can pull various reports and export data from TeamGenius, and even send batch emails with team placements and results right from our web application. See our help section - Reports - to see your options and steps on how to export and send out reports. 

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing is based on the number of unique players you are going to evaluate during your subscription period. We offer 3 different plans that you can learn more about on the pricing page of our website.

All of our pricing options include unlimited evaluators and unlimited data. 

How do I add players who didn’t pre-register for tryouts?

Players can be added on the fly from the player check-in page. You can click the “Add Player” button and both create the player record and check them in in a single step. We have an article on adding walk up players for you to check out. 

What if it rains during the tryouts?

The great thing about using a mobile app is that you can operate it and enter scores with one hand and hold an umbrella with the other. We’ve seen people try to put transparent sheets over their paper and all sorts of things to keep the paper dry, but none or effective. Once water gets under the plastic it’s all over. You may even lose scores when the ink or graphite gets wet and is no longer legible.

What is the TeamGenius Score (Owl Column)?

The TeamGenius score is a value between 0 and 100 which gives the final rankings for the scoring form or overall assessments. It’s significant because it puts everything on a common scale, and applies any weights you have set for scoring form or criteria.

In other words, it allows us to compare different types of criteria apples to apples. For example, how do you compare a 40 yard dash time with a 3.75/5 on technical ability? They’re entirely different types of data….our algorithm normalizes the scale so we can accurately compare them.

My current evaluation process is great, why do I need this?

You don’t need to entirely change the way you're evaluating players or the criteria you’re using today. TeamGenius is customizable and designed to work with your existing evaluation methods. However, by using software, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your process dramatically.

If I import the same player twice, will I get duplicate records?

No, during the upload process TeamGenius searches by player name and birthday to update any existing records with the latest information.  

Can a player tryout for multiple teams?

Yes, our system allows for player's data to be evaluated in player pools. See our article - Assigning Players to Player Pools - for details. 

Can we delete previously uploaded players?

TeamGenius was designed to maintain and update a player database.  You may archive player records if a player will no longer be with your organization or archive all players and upload your newest registration list.  Any player trying out that has been archived will automatically be restored at the time of upload. Follow the steps in Archiving Players to complete this action. 

Can we add player profile pictures?

Yes, you can capture player profile pictures either from the mobile app, or from the Players section of the web application.  We use sophisticated facial recognition to find and crop the image to show just the face, making it easy to recognize each player.

Is there a way we can try out the TeamGenius for free?

Yes, you can create a free account and evaluate up to 20 players. 

Is there a way we can try out the TeamGenius mobile app?

Yes!  Go to your mobile app store and search TeamGenius (look for the owl).  Download, open, enter your name and email, then enter Demo2019 as the access key.  

We used TeamGenius last year.  Do we need to recreate the exact same assessment?

No, you can save time by cloning assessments. Click here for instructions on how.

Can I email team placements and reports to players?

Yes!  With TeamGenius, you can create email templates with personalization fields, including team placement.  Then with the email builder, you can send personalized results out to hundreds of players with just a few clicks.  You also have the option to attach player evaluation reports or club-specific files and with the click of a few buttons. We have an article - Sending Emails in TeamGenius - that will walk you through the steps. 

How can I tell a player’s tryout is complete?

In the mobile app, every player will have a percentage next to their name indicating completion.  Once the percentage reaches 100%, that player has been fully evaluated on that scoring form.  The player/evaluator will need to ensure that each scoring form is complete to determine if his/her tryout is complete.

Can I enter more than one email address per player record?

If you want to include more than one email per player, we've got you covered!  You can choose the email mapping field for multiple email columns in your CSV file!  During the import process, TeamGenius will pull emails from those columns and place them all in one player record!

How can I delete player records?

There is no way to delete a player record, but you can archive them.  See Archiving Player Records for more information.

How do I form teams?

What if I don't want evaluators to have access to score all of our players during a tryout?

With TeamGenius you have the option to create a unique access key for each age group of players trying out.  This will limit the number of players an evaluator can see and enter scores for on the mobile app. See Player Pool Access Keys.

Can I prevent evaluators from entering scores at home?

Sometimes it is necessary to take extra precautions to ensure the data you are collecting is valid.  We have two options that will prevent evaluators with the assessment access key from entering scores outside of tryouts.  The first is to change the status of the assessment to closed for the evening, and the second is to lock the portion of the assessment that is complete. 

Do scores have to be entered through an app?

There are two ways to enter scores for players.  The first is by downloading the app from the app store or google play on your mobile device.  The second is by going to through a browser on a laptop or desktop. To test it out, use the access key "Demo2019".

Can I edit scores that are entered incorrectly or inappropriate comments entered by evaluators?

If a situation arises where a score is entered incorrectly (500 versus 50) or an evaluator's comment needs editing and you are a System Admin of your organization's TeamGenius account, you can make these changes in the Player Scores page. See the article - Managing Scores - for details. 

Is there a paper scoring option?

If you have an evaluator who is not confident using technology you can print a paper scoring form from our Reports page.  Once all players are checked into the assessment their names will be included on the paper form.  Scores can easily be entered through using the grid option.