There are a few different pages where you will find tables in TeamGenius.  Here are a few examples.

The Player Check-in page


and the Results page.


 The functionality of tables is universal throughout the site.  

The search bar allows you to quickly pull up an item in the table by typing in a few characters.  Type in a few characters of a player's name, email, or birthdate, and a list of possible matches will auto populate to the top of the list.


In the header row of each column, you will see a funnel icon filter_icon.png (if you don't see it, hover over the right border of the column to expand the column width.  Once you see the double arrow, click and drag to the right.)  Selecting this icon activates a list of all entries in that column.  This allows you to filter out one entry.  This is very useful when working with Team Placement. You can select and view only one player pool from your evaluation data.


To re-populate the entire list, simply select the filter icon again, and select (All), or click on the word "Clear" in the lower right-hand corner of your table. 


At any time you can re-organize the data in a table by clicking on the title in the header row.  For example, if you want players in order by birthday (youngest to oldest) on the players page, click on the word "Birth Date" in the column header.  To reverse the order (oldest to youngest), click on the word "Birth Date" in the column header again.  

table_-_reorder_column_small_to_big.png       table_-_reorder_column_big_to_small.png

 In every table, you have the option to export the information into a PDF, Excel, or CSV file.


This button gear_icon.png(top right) allows you to customize your table view.  Clicking on this button brings up the following options...



You have three different Display Densities, Default, Comfortable, and Compact.  You can also change the layout of your table by selecting the "Choose Column"



Column Chooser allows you to show or hide columns. 


Clicking on the Screen_Shot_2017-10-02_at_12.46.08_PM.pngwill hide the column in the table.  To view the column again, click onScreen_Shot_2017-10-02_at_12.46.15_PM.pngicon.  

Click on the checkmark in the upper right to apply changes.