To assign or change User Permissions navigate to User Permissions under Setup in the left side menu. These are set individually on each Assessment to set access levels.

Click on the drop-down menu under Organizational Users (users only appear if their system-level access has been set to Non-Admin) and select a user from the list.  Click on the drop-down menu under User Role, and choose the Access Level for that user. Click Save.

Assessment User Role options:

  • Owner – Can access all options inside an individual assessment.

  • Manager – Individual access to each Player pool to view scores and ranking can be set.

  • Player Checkin only – Can check-in players, add new walk-up players, export check-in screen details. No Access to reports.

  • No Access – Cannot see or access anything in a given assessment. 

If you notice the person you'd like to assign a user role to is not to a registered user, and you hold System Admin status, you can invite that person by clicking on the Organization User list and selecting Invite New User.

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