There are 2 places to set user access level 1. At the system level (Admin, Non-Admin).  2. At the individual assessment level (Owner, Manager, Player Check-In Only, No access). A coach does not need to be invited into TeamGenius to simply enter scores they only need an access key.

System-level Users - To set the system level access level, you must first send an invitation to the person you'd like to give access to your TeamGenius account.  See Managing and Inviting Users.   

System Admin privileges include:

  • Access to all sections of TeamGenius

  • Can invite and set the user access level for other users

Non-Admin Access/Blocked Access include:

    Access -

                Organizational Profile

                            System Settings 

                                    - Use player ID

                                    - Use profile Images – On/Off


                            - Add new players

                            - Import Players

                            - Change Players details

                Ability to create additional assessments

    Blocked Access -

             - Inviting new users

             - Setting Admin level status of current users

             - Other user's assessments (unless the user assigns an access level.) 

Assessment Level settings - After a user's status has been set as "Non-Admin", then these specific roles can be assigned in each assessment.  

  • Owner – Can access all options inside an individual assessment.

  • Manager – Individual access to each Player pool for scores and ranking can be set.

  • Player Checkin only – Can check-in players, add new walk-up players, export check-in screen details. No Access to reports.

  • No Access – Cannot see or access anything in a given assessment. No access to reports. Can Create a new Assessment.

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