This guide will walk you through all the steps to record scores using the TeamGenius mobile app. 

If you prefer a quick video tutorial, check out the video above! We also have a more in depth video tutorial for those who want to know all the ins and outs - In Depth Video Overview of the TeamGenius Mobile App

In this article, we'll explore the following topics in detail:

  • Accessing the mobile app
  • Navigating the app
  • Capturing player profile photos
  • Scoring
  • Comments and Instructions
  • Offline score capture

Accessing the Mobile App

Before you can start recording scores, you need to download the TeamGenius Mobile App from the Google Play or iOS app store. It is free to download. Look for the TeamGenius Owl icon when searching for the app. 

Upon downloading and opening the mobile app, you will be prompted to sign in with your name, email (which is not linked to the TeamGenius database), and the unique access key generated for each assessment created.

Note: The organization you are evaluating players for will need to give you the access key in order to evaluate players.

Pro Tip: The access key is NOT case sensitive, so you can use upper or lower case characters. 


Pro Tip: Use the same email address each time you login for the same event. Doing so will ensure all of your scores are tied to you as the evaluator. 

Navigating the App

Depending on how the event is structured, you may see the option to select a session before proceeding to the evaluation. If only one session is available, you will not see the option to select a session, but will instead see a list of players within the player pool you've been assigned. 

Below we cover both scenarios.

Evaluation Schedule

If the association you are recording scores for has more than one day of evaluations, you may be prompted to select a session before scoring players. In this scenario, on the Evaluation Schedule screen, confirm which session you need to select with the association you are recording scores for. 

Player Pools & Evaluation Groups

Whether you were prompted to select a session or not, your device will now display the full list of players (all selected by default) in the top player pool of that assessment. 

Note: If the association is choosing to hide the player's names, you will see a list of player numbers only. 

The Player Pool name is located at the top left of the screen above the player names/numbers. The yellow circled check mark indicates the players have been selected. 

If you've been assigned to multiple Player Pools and are accessing the app on your phone, you can move between Player Pools by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines (aka hamburger menu) at the top left of the app screen. 

If you are using an iPad or other tablet device, the Player pools will be displayed along the left side of the screen without having to click on the hamburger menu. 

By default, the player numbers are in descending order. 

You are able to adjust the filter view by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines in the blue circle at the bottom right of the app screen. 

This opens up the option to select an Eval Group, Position or change the sorting option. 

 The Filter Players tab allows you to select an Eval Group or Position. 

The Sort Players tab allows you to select how you want the players to be filtered within the app. For example, you are able to select an Eval Group first, then select how you'd like those players to display.

Click the green button with the check mark to save your selections. 

Note: It's good practice to refresh the app to ensure late players are showing up in the app to be scored. To refresh, pull down quickly on the device screen. You will need to readjust your filters once you refresh the app if you are filtering by eval group or position. 

Capturing Profile Images

If the association has player profile image capture enabled for the evaluation, you will see a grey camera icon to the left  of the player's name/number. 

Clicking on the camera icon opens a window where you may take a photo, or select a photo from your device. 

All photos go through the TeamGenius facial recognition and cropping software. When the profile image is ready, refresh the app to see the player's photo next to their name. 



To begin scoring on the selected players, click the "Start" button on the bottom of the app screen. If more than one scoring form is available, make your selection here. 

Once on the Scoring page, you will see the list of scoring controls for the first player in the pool. 

To move between players, click on the grey arrow button at the bottom right of the app screen or click on the hamburger menu in the top left of the screen. 

You can also choose between a Players view and a Criteria view. If you want to score a player in all of the criteria available before moving onto a new player, the Player view is best. 

If you are at a specific station and prefer to stay within one criteria to score all players on that criteria, the Criteria view is best. 

The app also offers the option to use your phone's voice dictation to move between players. Click on the green microphone icon then say the player's number or the criteria you wish to move to. 

To start scoring players, use the scoring controls given to enter the scores for each Player or Criterion. See the sections below for Subjective and Quantitative scoring details.

 As scores are entered, the progress meter next to each Player or Criterion name starts to fill up.  

When all possible scores are entered for the selected item, the meter shows 100%. As an evaluator, you are looking for 100% on all players. 

Important Note: If you do not want to score a player in a criteria, leave the criteria blank. It will not be factored into the player's overall rating. If you enter a "0" as the score, this will significantly impact the player's overall rating. 

Scoring Form Types

There are two possible scoring form types: Subjective and Quantitative. See below for specifics on how to score within each of these form types. 

Subjective Scoring Form

In a Subjective scoring form, the evaluator may give scores to the selected player across determined criteria (Technical, Physical, etc.). 

If the input type is a slider scale, the evaluator simply drags the blue dot along from left to right, representing the numerical scoring range chosen by the association. 

If the input type is a drop down menu or button, select the name value you wish to assign to the player within the criteria. 

The results are saved automatically.

If you need to delete a score, swipe quickly from right to left within the criteria box. Click the red trash can icon to delete the score. 

Reminder: If you do not want to score a player within a criteria, leave it blank. Entering "0" as a score will count towards the player's overall rating.

Quantitative Scoring Form

With quantitative scoring, you are able to enter a measured number for a player. This could be time, distance, or even the number of times a player successfully completes a skill. 

With a timed test, an evaluator may enter a score manually by tapping on the "0" on the left or by using the app's stopwatch function. 

To use the stopwatch function, click on the grey watch icon. Click on the green start button to start recording the time. Click Save to record the score and Reset if you need to start over without saving the score. 

To enter the number of times a player can successfully complete a skill, tap on the "0" pictured on the left (your keyboard will pop up) and type in a number. You can also tap on the "-1" or "+1" button to record the score. 

 Note: Scores are saved automatically. You can verify a score is saved when you see a green check mark appears in the top right of the criteria box. 

Comments and Instructions

Recording Comments

You are able to record a comment under every criteria, both subjective and quantitative, within the scoring form. 

Click on the comment box at the bottom left in the criteria box. Start typing in the comment you wish to record in the designated comment text box. 

If your association is using comment snippets (pre-defined comments), click on the plus button at the bottom right of the comment text box. Tap one of the comments to insert that text into the comments field.  

Once you click out of the comment text box, the changes are saved automatically.  

If enabled in the scoring form, you can also add in a general comment per scoring form for a player. General comments are comments not tied to specific scoring criteria but are tied to the player and scoring form.



If your organization added instructions to the criteria within the assessment, you can access those instructions by clicking on the instructions tab to the right of the comments tab.


Offline mode

Offline mode offers full app functionality should your device looses its internet connection for any reason. You may continue to enter scores and comments as you normally would, and all changes will be saved locally. When in offline mode, a banner will be displayed at the top of the scoring page indicating the device is offline.

When a connection is reestablished, click the sync button on this banner to save all pending changes.