First, download the TeamGenius Mobile App from the Google Play or iOS app store. 


How to connect to an assessment

Upon downloading and opening the mobile app, you will be prompted to sign in with your name, email (which is not linked to the TeamGenius database), and the unique access key generated for each assessment created. The organization you are evaluating players for will need to give you the access key in order to evaluate players.



 Player Management

Upon signing in to an assessment, your device will display the full list of players (all deselected by default) in the top player pool of that assessment. You may scroll manually down the list of players and change their status from inactive to active 



or filter your players with he filter option at the bottom right corner.


Select player pools displayed by the sidebar on the left (on some devices you must click the menu button in the upper left corner to reveal this sidebar) toggle_button.png to change the roster of players displayed. Pulling down on this sidebar will refresh the player pools which is useful in the event of adding a new player, or a player showed up late to the field.  


Note that to begin scoring, players must be activated denoted by the blue checkmark.


Capturing Profile Images

To capture a profile image, you must first ensure the checkbox in the Advanced Settings (accessed only via the TeamGenius website) relating to player profile images is selected.

To the right of the player listings on your mobile device is a camera icon. camera_icon.jpg Tapping this opens a window where you may take a photo, or select a photo from your device. All photos go through the TeamGenius facial recognition and cropping software.  When the profile image is ready, then after the assessment information is refreshed the player will now have a profile image next to their name and player number.


Scoring Page

To enter the Scoring page, select the "Start" button on the bottom and then choose your scoring form.





Once on the Scoring page, you will see the list of scoring controls for the first player in the pool.  While using a phone, to view the Player list and other controls, tap the hamburger button in the top left corner toggle_button.png and the panel will slide in from the left.

From the side panel, you can select the Player you want to enter scores for, and the page will load and show you that player’s scoring controls.  From this panel, you can also swap the lists by tapping on the Criteria or Players buttons above the list.  


By swapping the lists, you can choose to enter scores for a selected Player or Criterion at any time.  

Use the scoring controls given to enter the scores for each Player or Criterion.  See the sections below for Subjective and Quantitative scoring.

 As scores are entered, the progress meter next to each Player or Criterion name starts to fill up.  


When all possible scores are entered for the selected item, the meter shows full and green, indicating that scoring is complete.  The goal of an evaluator is to fill all items to green, indicating a fully complete set of scores.  (Note that if scores are not entered for all entries, it will not count as 0’s against the Player).


There are two types of scoring controls, depending on the scoring section selected:  Subjective or Quantitative.


Subjective scoring

In Subjective scoring, the evaluator may give scores to the selected player across determined criteria (Technical, Physical, etc.). To input scoring, the evaluator simply drags the blue dot along from left to right, representing the numerical scoring range from 1 to 5 (or whatever scale your club chooses). The results are saved automatically. To reset scores to 0, simply drag the blue dot back to 0 on the bar of the category.  A zero score in TeamGenius represents no score and will not negatively impact a players overall score.


Quantitative scoring 

With quantitative scoring allows you to enter a measured number for a player.  This could be a time, distance, or even the number of times a player can successfully complete a skill.   

With a timed test, an evaluator may enter a score manually by tapping on the "0" on the left or use the Mobile App’s stopwatch function.


Clicking the orange Stopwatch icon opens a stopwatch (start the stopwatch by clicking the green Start button and end the timed test by clicking the red Stop button). You may cancel or save the test results. 


When measuring a distance, tap in the box to the left and use the scroll bar at the bottom. 


Once entered scores are saved on the device a green checkmark appears above the comment balloon icon.

To enter the number of times a player can successfully complete a skill, tap on the "0" pictured on the left (your keyboard will pop up) and type in a number.


You can also tap on the "+/-" option.  This will open the next screen.


Here you can tap on "-1" or "1" to change the number score in the box.  



Entering comments

On the right of each scoring row is a comment bubble icon. IMG_1290__3_.jpgTap this to open the comments for the selected item.  Simply tap the large input box and enter the text you want to leave as a comment for this player. You can even use your device’s voice to text feature.  To add pre-defined comments, click the bubble icon with the "+" canned_commnet.png button on the lower right-hand corner of the comment window.  This will show the list of predefined comments created during the Assessment setup.  Tap one of the comments to insert that text into the comments field. 

Changes to comments are saved automatically.  Note the scoring entries with comments added are indicated by a filled comment bubble icon.  IMG_1312.jpg


If enabled in the scoring form, you can also add in a general comment per scoring for a player by clicking on the middle comment tab when enabled. General comments are comments not tied to specific scoring criteria but the player and scoring form.




If your organization added instruction to the assessment you can access those instructions by clicking on the instructions tab to the right of the comments tab.


Switching between players and criteria

To move to the next player or criteria (depending on your chosen view), click the next button at the bottom of your screen.


 You can also use the voice navigation feature by clicking on the green microphone icon.  


When the icon is red, clearly say a player number, criterion name, or scoring form name, and the app will bring you to the desired place in the assessment. 

Offline mode

Offline mode offers full app functionality should your device lose its internet connection for any reason. You may continue to enter scores and comments as you normally would, and all changes will be saved locally. When in offline mode, a banner will be displayed at the bottom of the scoring page indicating the device is offline.


When a connection is reestablished, click the sync button on this banner to save all pending changes.