Voice navigation makes it easier to find your way around the mobile app.  Here is how it works.

While scoring in an assessment on your mobile device, click on the green microphone icon at the bottom of your screen. 


You will notice the color changes from green to red. 


Clearly say one of the following:

1.  A player number - Example "Three"

2.  A criteria - Example "Technical"

3.  A scoring form name - Example "Game Play"

A voice recognition program will translate your words to text and navigate you to the desired location in the assessment.  If it does not recognize what you said, you will get a message "not found" at which time you may try again.


You can also add comments by talking to your device. Click on the comments box and then the microphone button on your keyboard.


IMG_0068.jpg .      IMG_0069.PNG


Your voice comments will then be converted to text and saved.