Email templates allows you to create, edit and save templates to use when sending emails from TeamGenius. 

Note: Once you create a template, it will be available to use within any of your Assessments. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Messaging tab in the left menu of an Assessment, then click Email Templates.


Navigate to the Settings tab on the top navigation bar, then click Email Templates.

Step 2: Edit an existing template or create a new template. 

You should have 3 templates available to use right away. Click the blue Edit button to review the template and make edits if needed. 

If you want to create your own template, click the green Create Template button. 

You will see the option to edit/add:

  • Name - What you'd like to name your template (only viewable internally)
  • Description - Details on what the template contains for internal reference
  • Subject - The email subject (viewable in the subject line when recipients receive the email)
  • Email body - What the email will contain for the recipient to see

Optional: Customize your email. 


You have the ability to use our HTML based editor where you will enter and stylize your email to preference. Click on the </> symbol to access the HTML editor. 


To insert a personalized field placeholder into the message, click the “Placeholder” toolbar button above the HTML editor. 

From the drop down menu, select the field to insert..  

This will insert the field name surrounded by curly brackets.  This field placeholder will be replaced by the corresponding field property from each Player receiving the message. 


Tip: You can copy and paste a field placeholder into the Subject line as well.

Important Note: Remember to click SAVE when you are done editing or creating the template. You will now be able to use this template across all of your assessments. 

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