In order to create Evaluation Criteria, you first need to create a Scoring Form. Navigate to the Creating a Scoring Form article to complete this step before returning here. 

Creating Evaluation Criteria

In the left side bar navigate to the Scoring Forms page. 

If the Scoring Form is collapsed, click on the down arrow to the left of the scoring form name.

Click "Add Criteria" on the right hand side.

This opens a pop-up window prompting you to name the new evaluation criterion and give a description. You will be given the choice to add the Criteria name, aka Evaluation Standard, to a subjective scoring form. 

When you click into the edit box, you will see a pre-populated list of criterion that apply to your sport. Feel free to select from this list or type in your own custom criterion. 

For subjective criterion, select the "Input Type" you would like to use to score the criteria.

We offer three options:

  • Slider Scale - Numerical scale based on the parameters you set in the Scoring Form
  • Drop Down List - Name value option for inputting your own custom word choices displayed as a drop down menu
  • Button Group - Name value option for inputting your own custom word choices displayed as buttons

Clicking on each choice will show you an example of how it will display in the app for evaluators. 


Next, click on "Settings" to select an aggregation type.

Multiple evaluators are able to score on the criteria, without seeing the scores submitted by other evaluators. Therefore you can choose how you'd like the scores to aggregate. 

We offer four options:

  • Average of all scores
  • Average but remove worst score
  • Average but remove best and worst score
  • Best score only


The "Instructions" tab allows you to add any details about the criteria for the evaluators to see within the app.

Pro Tip: Add in details about the rating scale so evaluators are consistent in how they score the players. For example, you can detail out what a score of 1 should reflect in the player's performance.

To add criteria to a quantitative scoring form you will again be given the choice to add an "Evaluation Standard" or your own criterion. 

Type in an "Evaluation Standard" or your own custom criterion in the box. This automatically sets the display name as well. You can change the display name if you'd prefer. 

Next, click on "Settings".

Select from the Score Format options.

 If your desired format is not an option, select No Format, then type in your units in the Units LabelThis helps the evaluator know what is to be counted (ex. toe taps for a soccer evaluation, MPH for bat velocity in baseball evaluation).

Next, select the Aggregation type. The options here are the same as the options in the subjective scoring form. 

Optional: Check the box for “Low Score is Better” if a lower score should give a higher point rank (a 50 yard dash for example.)

Click save.  

Editing Criteria

After creating several criteria, you will notice a directional arrow to the far right - clicking and dragging this icon allows you to re-order the criteria as they will appear in the TeamGenius mobile app.

Clicking on the three vertical dots to the far right will give you the options to, edit or delete criterion.  Click “Edit” to change the name and description of a criterion, and click the "Delete" to be prompted to delete the criterion.

Important Note: Scoring forms and criteria cannot be edited once you begin scoring. You are able to add additional criteria, however you will not be able to update criteria. 

To learn about the weights column, go to our separate article, Weighting Evaluation Criteria.

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