Advanced Settings allows you to customize your assessment. 

To do so, navigate to Advanced Settings under Setup in the left side menu. 

You'll see the following options:

  • Hide Names - Removes the player's name from the mobile app so evaluators only see the player's number
  • Player Assignment Shuffling - Move players between eval groups and player pools from the results tab
  • Evaluation Criteria Strength Factor - See our article here for more details
  • Player Image Capture - Allow evaluators to take a profile photo of the player within the mobile app (Note - If you do not see player profile options and would like to, click here to see how to change the default setting in your System Settings).
  • Mobile Check-in - Allows administrators to manage player assignments from the mobile app (Access key required)
  • Player Attendance - Mark players as present and available for scoring within the app (Pro tier feature)

Check the box to the left of the setting name to enable it for your assessment. Remember to click Save.

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