To set Evaluation Session Weights, go to the Assessment you wish to weight different Evaluation Sessions in.

In this example, we have a multi-day evaluation and are going to weight Day 3 to account for 50% of each player's overall evaluation score, and split Day 1 & 2 equally at 25%.

  1. Click the Setup dropdown menu on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click Evaluation Schedule
  3. You will see a tabled list of Evaluation Sessions you have previously created. If you have not created any Evaluation Sessions yet, you can do so by clicking the "Create Evaluation Session" button.
  4. To edit the Weight of any Evaluation Session, click on the gold % under the Weight column. By default, all Evaluation Sessions are weighted equally against each other.
  5. Manipulate the numbers in the Override column to set Evaluation Session weights.
  6. Click Save to finish

*Note - editing Evaluation Session Weights will immediately change the Results. You can always revert any changes by editing Evaluation Session weights on this page.