Watch the video above for a 5 min walk-thru of our TeamGenius Mobile Scoring App so you know how to start scoring players. 

Otherwise, read on as we dive into it below!

First, you will need to find the Access Key that is associated with your Assessment. As an administrator, you are able to reference the assessment access key on the Home page of the assessment. Click the Home button on the left side navigation menu, then look for the Access Key section. 


You can also assign an Access Key to a Player Pool or Evaluation Session if you'd like to limit the view evaluators are able to see within the app. 

We will keep it simple for this example and use the Access Key associated with this entire Assessment.

Once you have the Access Key, head to the App store on your Apple or Android device.

Follow the steps below to access the assessment on the mobile app:

  • Search for: TeamGenius
  • Download the App
  • Open the App
  • Enter your name & email
  • Enter in your Access Key (FYI: the Access Key is not case sensitive)

You are now in your Assessment.

First, select an evaluation session from the Evaluation Schedule:

You can then select a Player Pool by clicking on the 3 horizontal lines (hamburger menu) at the top left of your app screen.

Here is a quick breakdown of what every button means:

1. Green Plus button - Add a new Player or manage Player check-in (administrator permissions needed)

2. Yellow Start button - Start Evaluation (Go to Scoring)

3. Blue descending horizontal lines button - Sort & Filtering options (access eval groups here)

4. Grey Camera button - Take a Player Profile Picture

Select the players you'd like to evaluate. A player is selected when you see a yellow check mark to the left of their name/number. Click the Start button to begin evaluating the players you've selected.

You'll then be directed into the Scoring Form for the evaluation. 

To score a player:

1. Move this slider to the number you'd like to assign a player in each criteria

2. Leave a comment/note under a specific criteria by clicking the drop down arrow followed by the comment box

3. Take a picture or video under the video player icon (only available on certain plans)

4. View instructions via the Information icon

5. Click the green microphone to speak into your phone to navigate to another player. "Go to number 9" for example. (Pro tip: you can also use your phone's dictation to record comments under the comments section)

6. Go to the next player in your filter via the grey arrow icon

To select a new player or view progress:

1. Click the Hamburger menu at the top left of the app. 

2. See a progress bar to reference your completion on a player's scoring form

3. Navigate to a new player by selecting them from the list

4. Change to a Criteria view by clicking "Criteria" to evaluate all the players you've selected criteria by criteria


Check out Setup Guide Step 4 - How to View Result & Rankings next!