The above video will help you jump right into the TeamGenius Mobile App to start evaluating players.


If you prefer to read, follow the instructions below.

First, you will need to find the Access Key that is associated with your Assessment.

The easiest way to find your Access Key is to click on the Home button on the left-hand menu.

There are also more advanced setups where you may have an Access Key associated with a Player Pool or Evaluation Session. We will keep it simple for this example and use the Access Key associated with this entire Assessment.

Once you have the Access Key, head to the App store on your Apple or Android device.

  • Search for: TeamGenius

  • Download the App

  • Open the App

  • Enter your name & email

  • Enter in your Access Key

Boom. You are now in your Assessment and will be prompted to select an Evaluation Session, Player Pool, and which Players you would like to evaluate.

Here is a quick breakdown of what every button means:

1. Add a new Player

2. Start Evaluating (Go to Scoring)

3. Sort & Filtering options

4. Take a Player Profile Picture


After you hit the yellow Start button, you will see this screen.

1. Move this slider to score a player

2. Leave a comment/note under a specific criteria

3. Take a picture or video

4. View instructions

5. Speak into your phone to navigate to another player. "Go to number 9" for example.

6. Go to the next player


Check out Setup Guide Step 4 - How to View Result & Rankings next!