Watch the video above for a 3 minute walk-thru of our Results & Rankings features, or we will dive into it below!

First, click on Results in the left-hand menu while you are in an Assessment.

You will then select to view:

  • Player Rankings - Grid view to see all of the scores recorded within each Evaluation Session and Scoring Form broken down by athlete in addition to the Overall TeamGenius Rating. 
  • Manage Scores - Detailed view of each score recorded by evaluator (scores and comments can be edited by those with system administrator permissions from this tab)
  • Score Audit - Pro Plan feature that allows you to track score and note changes made under Manage Scores by your admins - see video here.

Let's review the Player Rankings tab in more detail. 

To dive into the results, in the upper right section of the screen, select which Evaluation Session & Scoring Form you would like displayed in the table. To see the available Scoring Forms, click on the arrow icon next to Evaluation Session. 

After you've narrowed down which Evaluation Session and Scoring Form you are viewing, we recommend using the columns to sort or filter all the athletes by Player Pool. Each column header is clickable, sortable & filterable. 

To filter the grid further, click on the Gear icon in the left navigation menu to display or hide relevant columns. 

To expand the left side navigation menu, click on the ">" icon. 

The Evaluators tab allows you to filter by evaluator and adjust evaluator's scoring weights. 

The Export tab allows you to export the filtered grid to a PDF, Excel, or CSV file. 

Once you are done digging into the results and are ready to start sharing information with players or notifying them what team they've made, head over to Setup Guide Step 5 - How to Send Messages & Reports.