If you've made it this far, you know the drill. The video above will go into everything you'll need to know about viewing Results & Rankings, or we will dive into it below!

First, click on Results in the left-hand menu while you are in an Assessment.


This will display 2.

Before diving into the results, in the upper right section of the screen, select which Evaluation Session & Scoring Form you would like displayed in the table.


After you've narrowed down which Evaluation Session and Scoring Form you are viewing, we recommend using the columns to sort or filter all the athletes by Player Pool. Each column header is clickable, sortable & filterable. 

Here is a quick explanation of all 4 tabs:

  • All Scores - every score, comment, and media entered by an evaluator. Think of this as an itemized receipt for your evaluation. This is also the tab where you can edit any comments or scores.

  • Aggregate Scores -  an averaged out view of every player's scores, based on criteria. You can do a deep dive into the individual scores each player received by clicking on the score. Each player will also get an overall score (0-100) in the Owl column. You can also see all the comments & media that are attached to each player here.

  • Rankings and Team Placement - are you ready to start forming teams? This is the tab for you. All Evaluation Sessions & Scoring Forms will be shown in this view to give you a complete overview of how each athlete performed. Use the Team Placement Column to start placing players on Teams. You can also click on any score to see a more complete breakdown & compare players against each other.

  • Player Assignments - WARNING, this is useful for a couple of scenarios and should not be enabled unless you plan to MOVE players between Player Pools or Eval Groups between Evaluation Sessions.

Once you are done digging into the results and are ready to start sharing information with players or notifying them what team they've made, head over to Setup Guide Step 5 - How to Send Messages & Reports.