With the Field Mapping page, you have the option to map any fields from your data source to the player fields in TeamGenius.  

To the right, you see the list of field options in TeamGenius and their mapping status. The required fields are First Name and Last Name.  There are also several optional fields: Email, Birth Date, Gender, Phone Number, Position, Guardian First Name, and Guardian Last Name. You may select any or none of these to include in import.

Once a column from your import file has been mapped to a field in TeamGenius, the check mark circle will turn green. 

If you notice a yellow exclamation, this indicates multiple columns are mapped to the same field. You are only able to map one column to each field in TeamGenius, with the exception of the Email field. 

If you want to include more than one email per player, we've got you covered!  You can choose the email mapping field for multiple email entries!

Note: Player numbers can be automatically generated after the mapping process is completed.  

You can ignore any columns of data you don’t need to import, simply leave those columns unmapped by selecting the "X" next to the name of the mapping.

You may discover during this process you want to capture additional information about your players (ex. School attending or secondary position). You can create a custom player field on the fly by clicking on "Create Custom Field" in the lower right-hand corner.

See Setting Up Customer Player Fields for more detail on creating your own fields. 

If your CSV file contains column headers in the first row, ensure the “Ignore First Row” option is selected to tell the import engine to ignore that data.

When all of the mapping categories are to your satisfaction, click the Use These Mappings button in the upper right corner to move the final review page. 

Next Step:  Importing Players - Final Review