This is the final step before import. The table shows a preview of all incoming player records as specified from the Field Mappings page.  Above the table, you will see information on the number of players to be imported, any warnings about the data. 

Leaving this option selected will allow for the creation of player pools during the upload process.

Data import warnings will appear in red text across the top of your table.

This may include any records that have blank mandatory fields, an invalid email address, and so on. The red text at the top denotes the total number of issues found, while each of the identified records will have an orange exclamation mark in the first column. Clicking on these orange notification boxes will pop up an explanation of what the specific issues are for that player listing. While you may go ahead and complete the import, it is advisable to make the fixes to the data source and go through the import process again. If you have multiple warnings, you can create a list of "Warnings Only" by clicking on this button.

When everything looks good, click the green Start Import button on the upper right. If there are unresolved notification issues, there will be one final prompt to address them before importing. After processing the import, TeamGenius will inform you which players are newly created and which have been updated in your TeamGenius Player Database. To assign players to an assessment see Checking-in Registered Players or Checking-in Players with Evaluation Groups.

NOTE: Players are identified by their first name, last name, and email.  TeamGenius will find any existing player that matches the imported players, and update their record instead of creating a new record.