Custom Player Fields allow you to add specific field information on a player that is not already available in TeamGenius's pre-set field options (see below).

There are two ways you can easily add custom player fields in TeamGenius:

  1. From the Organization System Menu
  2. During the import process

Both methods are outlined below.  

Click on Settings in the top left navigation then click on Player Custom Fields.


This brings you to the system settings dashboard with Custom Player Fields open.

You can now create, edit, or delete the Custom Player Fields simply by clicking on the green "Create Custom Field" button.  You may also edit your already created custom fields, or use the trash can icon to delete.

Fill in Name, Help Text, and Optional Default Value and click on "Create."

Adding Fields During the Import Process

For details on how to import your players into TeamGenius, see our article here: Adding Players - A Complete How To Guide.

From the Fields Mapping page, click on "Create Custom Field" in the lower right-hand corner, just above the "Ignore First Row" button OR in the mapping drop-down menu.

Fill in Name, Help Text, and Optional Default Value and click on "Save."

You will now have custom fields attached to every player profile. They can be populated during a player upload or through the Players menu by editing each player individually.

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