The Manage Players section is where you can add players manually, edit a player's details across assessments, change their profile image, view their email history, and view their lifetime player development report. You are also able to archive players and view archived player details here as well. 

To access the Manage Players section, click on "Players" from top left navigation.

Adding a Player Manually

You can add new players one at a time to your TeamGenius player database by clicking on the green "New Player" button at the far right side of the grid. 

Enter the necessary information and click "Save and Close" to return to the Manage Players screen, or "Save and New" to add another player.

Editing an Existing Player's Details

Search for the player in the search box, then click the "Edit" button. 

This will take you into the Player Profile section where you can edit any text fields available. Click Save and Close when finished or click Save and New if you wish to add a new player at this time. 

Add/Edit Player Profile Image

To add, change or delete a profile image, click the edit button, then select "Profile Image" in the horizontal menu bar. 

Use the "Select an image" button, or drop the photo file in the "Drop file here' section. 

To remove a profile image, click on "Delete Image."

View Player's Media

If the association has Media enabled (available on TeamGenius Elite Tier), you can find the player's media files here. Photos and videos taken across assessments will be compiled under this tab. 

Viewing a Player's Email History

Click the Edit button next to the player's name then click the "Email History" tab. 

If a player has been sent an email through TeamGenius (including those sent within an assessment), you will see the history here. You can view All Emails or Failures Only. 

Archiving Players

Archiving Individual Players

You are able to archive individual players that have not been scored within an assessment. To do so, click the drop down arrow next to the Edit button. Click Archive Player. 

Note: If the player has been scored within an assessment, you will not see the Archive Player button. You are not able to archive players that have been scored within your subscription year. 

Archiving All Players

If you are preparing for a new season, you have the option to archive all of your Active players 30 days before your subscription renewal date. 

To archive all players in your account click on the gear in the upper right-hand corner of the table and select "Archive All Players".  

Note: If you upload a new list of players, rest assured any player that matches an archived record (First and Last name must match exactly) will be automatically restored.

Viewing Archived Players

To see a list of players who have been archived, click on the Archive button. 

From here, you can edit an archived player's information, view their development reports and even restore the player. Click on the Edit button to edit their text fields, or click the drop down arrow to view development reports or restore their profile to Active. 

For a more thorough review of Archiving players, see our article: Archiving Players

 Active Players vs. Archived Players vs. All View

The Active tab will show you a list of all the players who are currently existing within an Assessment. This can be a mix of scored and unscored players. Players who are Active are currently counting towards your "active player credit total". 

The Archived tab will show you all of the players who have previously been archived. These players are no longer counting towards your active player credit total. 

The All tab will show you a mix of Active and Archived players. If you want to see how many players have been uploaded into TeamGenius over your lifetime as a customer, this tab will show you that detail.