If you would like to weigh a particular evaluator's scores to count for a higher percentage of overall scores, this is how you set Evaluator Weights.

  • In an ASSESSMENT, click the RESULTS tab on the left, then click PLAYER RANKINGS.

  • Click on the EVALUATORS button in the left side navigation menu.

  • This Configure Evaluators box should pop up.

  • Manipulate the numbers in the Override column to set Evaluator weights.

  • Click Save Changes to finish

You are also able to select one evaluator at a time to see their scores independently. First expand your left side navigation menu by clicking on the ">" icon. Click on Evaluators, then select the evaluator you'd like to filter by within the grid.  

*Note - editing Evaluator Weights will immediately change the Results table you are viewing. You can always revert any changes by opening the Configure Evaluator pop up.