Most organizations are able to easily identify the top and bottom players, but assigning the middle players to the correct team can be challenging.  The Player Assignment feature can help you to do just that in a multi-day assessment.  

First, you need to make sure the Player Assignment feature is enabled in the advanced settings of the assessment set up.

Navigate to Advanced Settings under Setup in the left side menu.

Select the box to the left of "Player Assignment Shuffling"

To view results and make adjustments after the first day of tryouts, navigate to Results in the left side menu before selecting Shuffle Assignments as seen in the image below.

Sort the scores in the TeamGenius column by clicking on the owl until the top score is at the top.

Adjust the player pools by selecting the currently assigned pool to access a drop-down menu. You can change the player pool a player is assigned to by clicking their player pool assignment and clicking any of the available player pool for the assignment

Any changes you make will be highlighted in green.

You can also change player numbers and eval groups.

Click on "Save Changes" when you are satisfied.  

Once you move a player from one pool to another, they will be disconnected from the scores and comments given in the first pool.  You may view a history of scores from different player pools by clicking on the TeamGenius score in the Rankings and Team Placement page.

Please note:  If using this feature, as shown above, we recommend creating a different assessment for each age group trying out.  This process can be made easy by creating one assessment, and then cloning it to create copies for different age groups.  You could also use one assessment and add numbers to the end of your player pool name (Atom 1, Atom 2, Atom 3).

See:  Cloning an Assessment