If you have evaluators who are not comfortable using a device to enter scores, there is a Paper Scoring Form available. 

Navigate to Reports in the left side menu when in your assessment before selecting Paper Scoring Form.

Next you will have to select the player pool, eval group (if your club has chosen this option) and scoring form you would like to print.  

By clicking on Form Settings you'll have the options to have a column for comments, use only player number or player number and name, print landscape or portrait and change the font size.

Select the Create Report option when ready.

The next screen will show a preview of your scoring from. You can choose to print the full report, the individual page, or save the file to your desktop using the buttons shown below.

After your evaluator has filled out the evaluation form with his/her scores, they will need to be entered into the assessment through the TeamGenius mobile app, or through the TeamGenius web eval (eval.teamgenius.com).

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