Watch the video above for a 4 minute walk-thru of our Messages & Reports features, or we will dive into it below!

Access Messages by clicking on Messaging in the left-hand menu.

You'll see three options:

  • Send Emails - Use this to send email messages and reports to the email associated with a player.

  • Email Templates - Tired of typing out the same message over and over? Create an Email Template to send out standardized emails to the masses.

  • Email History - See which players/parents have opened and clicked on your email. (Available on select plans)

Let's dive deeper into the Send Emails feature. 

Step 1: Click on Send Emails to select the players you wish to receive this email.

Three notable things to highlight on this page:

  1. If you want to Select All Players, click on the check box at the top of the left-most column.
  2. If you want to include a Report in your Email, check the "I want to include reports" box. It will then prompt you to select which Evaluation Sessions you'd like to include in each report. (Note players will only see the sessions they've been scored in despite the selection made here)
  3. To filter the recipients to a Team or Player pool, use the Filter function at the top of each column. 

After you've completed the above steps, click on the teal Create Message button at the bottom.

On this page, you can:

  • Set a From Address (email address that will appear on the receiving end of this email message)
  • Set a From Name (name that will appear on the receiving end of this email message)
  • CC/BCC anyone to this message (commonly used to include the coach of the team if sending out evaluation reports)
  • The subject line of the email message
  • Email message content
  • Attach any documents

Note - if you click on PLACEHOLDERS (where the arrow is pointed), you can include a personalization token into the message. An example of this would be including the recipients FIRST NAME in the email intro.

Important note about including the athlete's report: You will see to add in the Placeholder "AthleteReportLink" in order for the recipient to be able to click on and view their evaluation report.

Before you send the final message, you can send yourself a test message by clicking the blue SEND TEST MESSAGE button. A sample of the email and any reports you have created will appear in your inbox within a few minutes.

When you are ready to send the message to all recipients selected, click the teal SEND MESSAGE button. The email will process in the background and be sent to all recipients within a few minutes.

Note - The email is sent to each recipient individually. They will not be able to tell if you sent the email to more than one recipient. Any replies will go to the sender included in the From Address.