If video is your thing, check out the first video in our Youtube New Account Setup / Training series above.

Otherwise, here is a step by step guide to building your first Assessment in TeamGenius.

From the Main Dashboard


On the main dashboard page click on "Create New Assessment" in the lower right corner. Click this button to begin creating a new Assessment.  Each Assessment represents a single evaluation event or period.  Chose "Tryout, Showcase, Camp" or "Team Evaluations, Feedback" and click continue.

Next, create a name for your Assessment and click "I'll build it on my own"

You'll be prompted to Create Scoring Forms and Criteria. Let me explain how those work...

Think of Scoring Forms as your overall categories. In the above example, we have Tryouts and Skills. The individual Criteria that you will be evaluating players on in the mobile app are added under each Scoring Form.

You can set weights, provide instructions for evaluators, and more while creating your Scoring Forms and Criteria. 

Next up, click on Player Pools on the left menu.

Player Pools are what you will use to group players in the mobile app, to make it easier for your evaluators to find which group of players they should be evaluating.

Next, please click Evaluation Schedule on the left-hand menu.

This is where you will create your Evaluation Schedule. There can be one or multiple Evaluation Sessions part of your complete Evaluation Schedule. 

Next, you can create Comment Snippets to speed up the time it takes for Evaluators to leave comments in the Mobile App.


Create a Comment Snippet for things that you think Evaluators would commonly use/record during an evaluation. In the Hockey example, "Good hands" is something that evaluators use often, so it was created as a Comment Snippet and added to relevant criteria that it would be used in tandem with.

Next, you will be given the option to invite users into your Assessment. Only do this for staff members/coaches who need access to the Admin side of your evaluation or results.

From the Organizational Users drop-down menu, you can select the person you would like to grant access or grant access to someone that has not yet been invited to the Assessment (see Managing and Inviting Users). 

Only Non-System Admins will appear in the Organization Users list.

Once the user's name has been selected, click on the User Role drop-down menu.  

Here is a description of each role:

  • Owner – Can access everything inside an individual assessment.

  • Manager – Individual access to a Player pool to view Results.

  • Player Check-in only – Can check-in players, add new walk-up players, export check-in screen details. No Access to anything else.

Last, we have Advanced Settings. Here you can enable a variety of options to further customize your evaluation.

See: Setup Guide Step 2 - Adding Players & Player Check-In for next steps.