Are you evaluating for an organization that's using TeamGenius for an upcoming evaluation? 

This guide is designed to inform you about everything you need to know to download the app, access the evaluation and score players. 

Below is a quick 2 minute overview of the mobile app. If you prefer a more in depth overview, check out our 7 minute deep dive into the app video

 We'll review the major areas of the app below if you prefer a written tutorial. 

Prior to your Event

Download the free TeamGenius app on your mobile device (available on iOS and Android devices):  

  • Visit the app store and search for “TeamGenius” (owl icon)
  • Download and launch the app

Accessing the Evaluation

  • Enter your name and email address

  • Enter the Access Key provided to you by your organization
  • Click the box to accept the terms and conditions of the app
  • Tap "SIGN IN"

Now you're now ready to evaluate. Let's walk through what some of the buttons mean and how to navigate the app.

Evaluation Schedule Page

Depending on the Access Key you've been provided, the first screen you see might look something like this:

Select the Session you are supposed to be evaluating players on. Ask your organization leader if you do not know which one to select.

Selecting Players to Score

Once you've selected a session, you will now see a list of players to evaluate. By default, all of the player's will be selected for you to start scoring. You can proceed with scoring all at once (recommended for a tryout evaluation) or manually selecting the players you wish to score first. 

Players are selected when you see a yellow circled check mark to the left of the player's name and/or number. 

Note: Sometimes you might only see the player's number if the organization is choosing to hide the player names. 

If you are assigned to more than one player pool, you can navigate to a different player pool by clicking the hamburger menu (aka the 3 horizontal lines) at the top left of the app screen. Here you will see a list of player pools to select from. 

If the organization has added in the player's position or broken players into evaluation groups, you can filter by position or evaluation group by clicking on the 3 descending horizontal lines at the bottom right of the app screen. 

This will open up a page for you to Filter Players or change how they are sorted within the app. 

Scoring in the App

Click on the yellow Start button at the bottom of the app to begin evaluating. 

Note: If your organization is using more than one scoring form, you will need to select which scoring form you'd like to begin scoring within. 

TeamGenius has two different types of scoring forms - Subjective and Quantitative. 

Below we'll go over how to submit scores on each type of form. 


Depending on how the organization structured the scoring form, you will see one of the three options below:

Slider Scale - Numerical scale with scoring increments predetermined by the organization. Simply type in the score via the text box or slide the button to the score you wish to assign to the player. 

Drop Down List - Name values for you to assign as the player's rating. Click on the arrow in the drop down box, then select the name value you wish to assign to the player. 

Button Group - Name values for you to assign as the player's rating. Click on the name value you wish to assign to the player. 

Note: Scores are saved automatically. You can verify a score is saved when you see a green check mark appears in the top right of the criteria box.


With quantitative scoring, you are able to enter a measured number for a player. This could be time, distance, or even the number of times a player successfully completes a skill. 

With a timed test, enter a score manually by tapping on the "0" on the left or by using the app's stopwatch function. 

To use the stopwatch function, click on the grey watch icon. Click on the green start button to start recording the time. Click Save to record the score and Reset if you need to start over without saving the score. 

To enter the number of times a player can successfully complete a skill, tap on the "0" pictured on the left (your keyboard will pop up) and type in a number. You can also tap on the "-1" or "+1" button to record the score. 

 Note: Scores are saved automatically. You can verify a score is saved when you see a green check mark appears in the top right of the criteria box.

In both subjective and quantitative scoring forms, you are able to record a comment for each criteria. 

Click on the comment box at the bottom left in the criteria box. Start typing in the comment you wish to record in the designated comment text box. 

If your association is using comment snippets (pre-defined comments), click on the plus button at the bottom right of the comment text box. Tap one of the comments to insert that text into the comments field.  

Once you click out of the comment text box, the changes are saved automatically.  

If enabled in the scoring form, you can also add in a general comment per scoring form for a player. General comments are comments not tied to specific scoring criteria but are tied to the player and scoring form.

If you need to delete a score, swipe quickly from right to left within the criteria box. Click the red trash can icon to delete the score. 

Important Note: If you do not want to score a player within a criteria, leave it blank. Entering "0" as a score will count towards the player's overall rating.

Navigating between Players and Criterion

To move between players, click on the grey arrow button at the bottom right of the app screen or click on the hamburger menu in the top left of the screen. 

You can also choose between a Players view and a Criteria view. If you want to score a player in all of the criteria available before moving onto a new player, the Player view is best. 

If you are at a specific station and prefer to stay within one criteria to score all players on that criteria, the Criteria view is best. 

The app also offers the option to use your phone's voice dictation to move between players. Click on the green microphone icon then say the player's number or the criteria you wish to move to. 


Checking Progress + Ensuring All Players have been Scored

Once you've scored a player within a criterion, the score is saved automatically. You will see a green check mark at the top right of the criteria box. 

To see how far along you are in the evaluation, click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the app screen. Here you will see a percentage tracker. If viewing by Players, you will see your progress within that player's evaluation within the scoring form you're currently using. If viewing by Criteria, you will see your progress within that criteria across all of the players you selected. 

Since scores are automatically saved, once you are seeing 100% in the percentage tracker for all of the players you've selected, you have officially completed the evaluation. 

Either exit the app or navigate to another scoring form by clicking the blue clipboard icon at the bottom of the app screen. 

Taking Player Profile Photos

If the association has player profile image capture enabled for the evaluation, you will see a grey camera icon to the right of the player's name/number. 

Clicking on the camera icon opens a window where you may take a photo, or select a photo from your device. 

All photos go through the TeamGenius facial recognition and cropping software. When the profile image is ready, refresh the app to see the player's photo next to their name.

Other Useful Tips

If new players check-in or players are late, you can refresh your list of players (with internet access only) while on player pool list screen by pulling down. You can also do this by logging out of TeamGenius and back in.

If your data connection is spotty at the evaluation location, go into airplane mode on your device to record scores "offline" within the app. 

Offline mode offers full app functionality should your device looses its internet connection for any reason. You may continue to enter scores and comments as you normally would, and all changes will be saved locally. When in offline mode, a banner will be displayed at the top of the scoring page indicating the device is offline.

When a connection is reestablished, click the sync button on this banner to save all pending changes.

If you've been given multiple Access Keys, return to the page where you selected players by clicking on the hamburger menu and hitting the Back button. Click the hamburger menu again, then click Exit. 

Please reach out to us via if you have any questions or experience issues when using the mobile app. 

Good luck evaluating!