Prior to your Event:

Download the TeamGenius app on your mobile device:  

  • Visit the app store and search for “TeamGenius” (owl icon)

  • Download and launch the app

  • Enter your name and email address

  • Enter the Access Key provided to you by your organization

  • Tap "SIGN IN"

Now you're now ready to evaluate. Let's walk through what some of the buttons mean and how to navigate the app.


Evaluation Schedule

If your organization set up an Evaluation Schedule, the first screen you see might look something like this:


Please select the Session you are supposed to be evaluating players on. Ask your organization leader if you do not know which one to select.

Next, you will land on a screen with Players on it. Let's break it down:

Two types of criteria:

Subjective:  You will use your finger to slide the round button between 0-10 (this could be a different scale depending on your organization).  You will notice a green check mark when the score has been saved.


Quantitative:  There are three ways to enter scores.

1.  Tap on the "0" pictured on the left (your keyboard will pop up) and type in a number.


You can also tap on the "+/-" option.  This will open the next screen.


Here you can tap on "-1" or "1" to change the number score in the box.  


2.  Tap on the stop watch button.


A built-in stopwatch is available for timed criteria.  


Save player scores when satisfied.

3.  Tap in a measured distance criteria 


and use the scroll bars at the bottom to select.  Click done.


The score has been saved to your device the moment you see a green check mark above the comment icon.


At any time you can add a comment.  If enabled by your organization you can add a general comment (if option is enabled) for a player by clicking on "comments" the middle tab at the top of the screen.



You can also add a comment in a specific criterion by clicking on the balloon icon to the right to of the screen.


Tap in the white area on the screen to type your comment (or use the voice to type feature on your device).


Tapping on this button will bring up a list of predefined comments.


Other Useful Tips:

The mobile app will allow you to take head shots of players.  Clicking on the camera icon to the right of the player name opens a window where you may take a photo.  Don’t worry about framing the player’s face perfectly, the photo will be cropped, compressed and uploaded to TeamGenius.  If you don’t see the camera icon, your club has chosen not to utilize this feature.



Allows you to switch between viewing a list of players and one assessment criterion or one player with all assessment criteria.



Use this button toggle_button.png to switch to different players or evaluation criterion or to move to the next player or criterion (depending on your chosen view), click the next button at the bottom of your screen to move to the next player or criterion.


To use the voice navigation click on the green microphone icon.  The microphone will then turn red. 


Clearly say a player number, criterion, or form name and navigate to that desired location.  



Every player has a progress meter by their name, once it is full (green), this player has finished THIS scoring form, however, the tryout is not complete until he/she has completed ALL scoring forms.  



Tapping toggle_button.png  then back_button.png

will bring you back to the list of player pools.  



If new players check-in or players are late, you can refresh your list of players (with internet access only) while on player pool list screen by pulling down. You can also do this by logging out of TeamGenius and back in.



If evaluating multiple groups of criteria, you can switch between scoring forms by tapping on the "FORM" button.