You can send reports by web link that can be opened in any browser and shared. These reports are mobile-friendly and look great on a tablet or mobile phone.  

1 - Create an Email Template

To save you time when sending out the web reports, create an email template. Our article, Creating Email Templates, will walk you through the steps.

Important Note: Make sure to include "AthleteReportLink" somewhere in the email body. This allows parents and players to click on the embedded link and open the report directly from the email. 

2 - Click on Send Emails, under the Messaging tab in the left side navigation menu

Here, you have the option to select the players you want to send a report to. You can send a report to 1 player, all of the players or a filtered group. See our article, Sending Emails, for more details on how to filter and select the group you'd like to email.

Note: If you select more than 1 player, the email will go to each player individually. They will only see their report and any responses will go to the sender directly. 

 3 - Check the box "I want to include reports"

At the top left of the screen, under the Send Emails heading, you will see a check box to include the reports in the emails. If you have more than 1 session, you can select a session to include in the report. 

Note: Only sessions that have been scored will appear in the report regardless of the selection you make. 

4 - Select your template or type out a message in the email body

If you created an email template, click on Templates to select the template you'd like to use in this email. If you haven't created a template, you can start typing our your email in the email body. 

Important note: Make sure to include "AthleteReportLink" somewhere in the email. Click on Placeholders to add in this tag. 

5 - Format the report

Once AthleteReportLink is included in your email body, you will see the option to configure the report at the bottom right of your screen. You might need to scroll down to see these options. 

Here, you can choose to show the session pool rank, session pool average, comments, and media in the report. Check the box next to the option you'd like to include in the report. If you do not select any options, only the overall scores recorded for each criteria will appear on the reports. 

6 - Send the report

Once you've configured the report settings, you are ready to send out the reports! Click "Send Test Message" to email yourself a test email. This is highly recommended so you can verify the formatting looks correct and you are able to click on a report. 

Click "Send Message" when you are ready to send the report to the recipients selected. Again, the email will go to each recipient individually. 


Optional Settings:

If you want to customize the report to include your organization's logo and colors, follow the steps below. 

Navigate to Organization Settings by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner.

By default, you should be within the Organization Profile tab. 

Here you can adjust your Primary and Secondary colors and add in your logo. 

Make sure to hit save after you set your Primary and Secondary colors.

The Primary color will affect the header background color and the scoring form name on your report.

The Secondary color will affect the Scoring Form names on your report.