In order for your Assessment to be complete and ready to score, you need to create at least one Evaluation Session within the Evaluation Schedule.


Evaluation Sessions allow you to select the Player Pools and Scoring Forms to utilize during a scoring session within an Assessment. 

You can also create an Access Key to allow an evaluator permission to record scores under the session using only the scoring forms and player pools attached to the Evaluation Session. 

Creating an Evaluation Session

To set up a Session, first click on Evaluation Schedule in the left menu.


Next click on the green "Create Evaluation Session" button.


Give your session a name, select Player Pools, and select Scoring forms to use for this session.

Session Access Key

Optional: Create an Access Key to give to evaluators to access this specific session. They will be able to see the Scoring Forms and Player Pools you've selected and will be able to record scores under this session. 

Click the blue "Refresh" icon in order generate an Access Key for this session. 


Session Start & End Dates

Optional: To timestamp a session, you can create a start and end date. This allows access score in the session only during the time frame you set. 

A start date is helpful if you give Access Keys to evaluators in advance of evaluations and do not want them to record scores until the day of the evaluation. 

An end date is helpful if you do not want evaluators to record any more scores once the evaluation has ended. 

Click on the "Calendar" icon to select a date and time. 

Start and End Date / Times will use the current time zone that the Admin user is in. 

For example, if you are in the Eastern Time Zone, and set an end time of 5:00pm, the session will close at 5:00pm EST, 4:00pm CST, 2:00pm PST etc.