Scoring Forms

To begin building scoring forms click on Scoring Forms under Setup in the left menu.

Clicking on the "Create Scoring Form" button will open a pop-up window prompting you to define your new form. Add the name, give a brief description (which will be visible in the mobile app), and select the type - Quantitative or Subjective.

Subjective - Select this option when you want to evaluate each player on a fixed scale, e.g., 0-5, 0-10, etc. When choosing the Subjective option, additional fields will be available to set the score max value and the scoring interval, (ranging from .10 - .25 - .50 - 1.00), allowing you to capture the exact level of score detail desired.

Quantitative - Select this option when your evaluation includes measurable tests, such as a 40 yard dash, a recorded number of iterations completed, or a measured length/distance test.


Enabling Overall Comments

To enable overall comments (those not tied to a specific scoring criteria) - check the enable box and save the scoring form settings.



Now that you have one or more Scoring Forms created, notice the three vertical dots.  Click there to get the options to Clone, Edit, and Delete.  

Clicking "Clone ” allows you to create a copy of that Scoring Form with a new name.

Clicking “Edit” allows you to return to adjust the name, description, and form type as you see fit. Simple click "Save" to save your changes, or "Cancel" to return to your already saved forms.

Clicking delete will prompt you to confirm and delete the Scoring Form and all Evaluation Criteria defined under it. NOTE - You will not be able to delete a scoring form or the criteria if there have been any scores entered in the criteria of that form.

Next Step:  Creating Evaluation Criteria

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