The Player Rankings page displays the scores and rankings of all the players that are entered into an assignment. This page allows you to view not only the overall rankings of players for a particular assessments, but also look at scores for specific scoring forms and the criteria.  

To get to the Player Rankings page, you'll first want to click on the Results tab on the left-hand side menu and select Player Ranking.

From here you should arrive to the Player Rankings page, where by default the grid shows the Overall Rankings.

Overall Rankings

The Overall Rankings page allows you to see the rankings between players for the Assessment overall, with rankings being determined by the average score between the scores of each Evaluation Session. From this grid, you are able to view comments and media left by the evaluators, generate and view Evaluation Reports and Performance Reports, and do Team Placement assignments. 

Viewing Evaluation Session and Scoring Form Scores

Along with being able to view the overall scores and rankings of players, you can also view the scores of the players for a specific Evaluation Session or Scoring From. When viewing the scores for a Evaluation Session, you see the scores and ranking between the players for the scores in that Evaluation Session. 

To do this, you'll just need to click on the name of the Evaluation Session you want to see the scores and rankings of, which are all listed under the Overall Rankings tab on the left of the rankings table. In the example below, the Evaluation Session we're going to look at is named "Day 1" with the Scoring Forms for that evaluation sessions listed below.

Individual evaluator scores and criteria scores.

You can easily drill down to a specific criteria score by clicking into the scoring form. You can then click on a specific score criteria to see the score each evaluator entered and the average score for that player on the specific criteria.

Comparing one player to another.

You can easily compare how one player scored to how another player scored with a graph view for easy team formation. Click on the session score and select the player you want to compare to the player you selected.

Generating Reports

In order to Generate a report from the Player Rankings page, you first need to click on the yellow info icon that is listed right next to the players name and player number.

From here, a small window will appear that shows the player profile image, along with any other player information. From this window, clicking on Generate Evaluation Report will bring up a new window, and this is the menu that will look like this:

From this menu you can select what Evaluation Sessions and which data appears in the Evaluation Report. You are also able to select what the report looks like, being able to choose from either the default or legacy reports, which only differ in how the reports is displayed. Once you're ready to generate the report, simply click on the blue Generate Report button, and the report will appear right of the menu. 

Once the report is generated, you'll see the newly created Evaluation Report, an option to view the report in either the desktop or mobile view, and a link to take you to the generated report.