The Coaches feature in TeamGenius allows you to assign coaches to a team or player pool and invite them through TeamGenius to conduct evaluations. You can also check their progress within an assessment for the team they've been assigned to. 

Note: By creating a coach, you are not inviting them to be an admin in the system. They will not be able to see results or manage the admin side of the platform. Creating a coach allows you to assign the coach to a team so they are able to evaluate that team once you send them an invite to do so. 

Below we'll explore how to:

  • Create Coaches
  • Manage Coaches
  • Assign Coaches to Teams
  • Assign Coaches to Player Pools

Create Coaches

At the top, scroll over the Teams menu and select Manage Coaches.

Step 1: Click Mange Coaches under Manage Your Teams. 


Step 2: Click on the green Create Coach button. If you have a long list of coaches in a CSV file format, you can also click Import Coaches - see article here

Step 3: Add the coach's first name, last name and email address. Remember to hit Save once you've completed these fields.

Optional: Click on the green Create Coach button again if you need to create additional coaches.

Manage Coaches

Managing coaches allows you to Edit a coach's details or delete the coach. 

Edit a Coach

If you need to update the coach's name, email or team assignment click the blue Edit button located left of the coaches name on the Coaches page. 

Edit the information as needed, then remember to hit the blue Save button to save any changes. 

Delete a Coach

Click the red trash can icon next to the coach's name to archive the coach and remove them from any current team and/or player pool assignments. 

Assign Coaches to Teams

If you've already created Teams in TeamGenius, you can assign a coach to a team by clicking into the drop down box under Teams. Click on the team to assign the coach to the team. You can assign a coach to multiple teams and give them a title if needed. 

If you haven't created your Teams yet, see our article - Creating/Managing Teams

You are able to assign a coach to a team from the Teams page as well. The details in the article mentioned above will show you how to do so. 

Assign Coaches to Player Pools

If you are not creating Teams in TeamGenius, you can assign a coach to a Player Pool within an assessment to utilize our coach assignment feature for in season evaluations. 

Step 1: Click on the Assessment from the TeamGenius dashboard under Assessments. 

In the example below, the assessment is called In Season Evaluation. 

Step 2: Click on Player Pools under Setup within the left side navigation menu. 

Step 3: Click the blue Edit button next to the Player Pool name. 

Step 4: Click on the drop down box under Coaches to select the coach. You are able to assign multiple coaches to the same team. Remember to click the blue Save button once you've added your coach/coaches. 

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