Creating Rosters in TeamGenius is helpful if you plan to conduct in-season evaluations for teams in TeamGenius, or if you want to sync your rosters directly to TeamSnap or SportsEngine.

In this article we'll explore how to assign players to TeamGenius Teams. 

You have two options when it comes to assigning players to a TeamGenius Team:

  1. Assigning players using the Team Placement feature
  2. Assigning players using the Manage Rosters feature

Assigning Players using the Team Placement Feature

Navigate to the Player Rankings page under Results within the Assessment you are using for team placement. 

In the results grid, you will see a column called Team Placement

Note: If you do not see this column, click on the Gear icon to expose the column by clicking on the eye icon next to Team Placement. 

Click into the drop down box next to the player's rating then click on the team you want to assign the player to. 

If you haven't created teams yet, see our article - Creating/Managing Teams

Once you select a team, the team name will appear in the Team Placement column for the player. 

If you navigate to the Teams < Manage Teams bar at the top, you will see the roster has been updated for the team. 

Note: If you move the player to a different team under the Team Placement column at any time, the changes are automatically made to the team's roster. 

Assigning Players using the Manage Rosters feature

If you need to make roster changes and do not plan to update the team assignment from the Team Placements column in an assessment, you can do so from the Manage Rosters page of the team. 

From the TeamGenius dashboard, scroll over Teams (at the top) and select Manage Teams.

To the right of the team name, hover over the 3 vertical dots next to the drop down arrow. 

Click Manage Roster

You will see a list of All active Players on the left side. Players that have been rostered to the team are on the right. Click the box next to the player's name, then use the grey arrows to either assign or remove them from the team. Remember to click hit the Save button at the bottom when finished. 

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