If you are conducting in season evaluations, you can easily assign coaches to player pools to send them invitations through TeamGenius to complete the assessment for their assigned pool. This removes the need for access keys since an invited coach will receive an email with a direct link to evaluate the player pool they've been assigned to. 

Note: Assigning coaches to player pools does not give them admin access. This allows you to invite them to score on the players within the pool. They will not be able to see the results submitted from other evaluators. 

You will need to create your coaches inside of TeamGenius to proceed forward. See our article - Creating/Managing Coaches before advancing further.

Step 1: Click on the Assessment from the TeamGenius dashboard under Assessments. 

In the example below, the assessment is called In Season Evaluation. 

Step 2: Click on Player Pools under Setup within the left side navigation menu. 

Step 3: Click the blue Edit button next to the Player Pool name. 

Step 4: Click on the drop down box under Coaches to select the coach. You are able to assign multiple coaches to the same team. Remember to click the blue Save button once you've added your coach/coaches. 

Note: If a coach manages more than one player pool, you will be able to assign that coach to multiple player pools. 

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