In TeamGenius, you are able to assign a coach to a player pool and invite them to evaluate that specific pool of players. This comes in handy for in season evaluations when the Player Pool is the team. 

Check out our article, Assigning Coaches to Player Pools, before continuing further. 

You will also need to make sure each Player Pool is assigned to the Evaluation session you wish coaches to complete. See our article, Creating an Evaluation Schedule, for these steps. 

Step 1: Within the Assessment on the left side menu, click on Evaluation then Assign Coaches.

Step 2: Select the Session you want to invite the coaches to evaluate within. You are able to select one or multiple sessions. 

To select a session, check the box next to the Player Pool column for the coach you wish to invite. 

Note: You will need to manually check the box for each coach you wish to invite. 

Step 3: Send the coach invitations. 

You can do this by clicking Send All Invitations, or by clicking the Email icon within the session column. You can also invite coaches individually by clicking the Email icon next to the coach's name. 

Step 4: Confirm you want to send the coach invitations. 

You will see a pop up asking you to confirm you wish to send the invitations when clicking on the Send All Invitations button. Click Yes to continue. 

You should then see a confirmation message at the top of the page letting you know the invitations were sent successfully. 

Coaches will receive an email directly from TeamGenius letting them know they have a new evaluation assignment. They will see the Session name and Player pool name in the email. 

Coaches will click the green Start Evaluating button to go directly into the evaluation for the Player Pool they've been assigned to. If a coach is evaluating multiple teams, they will receive an email for each team they are evaluating. 

As an admin, you are now able to track the coach's progress in completing the evaluation. Our article, Tracking Coach Progress within an Evaluation, will show you how. 

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