If you are using a Feedback style Assessment, you have the option to invite coaches to evaluate a player pool, send them an invitation to evaluate the pool and track their progress within the evaluation. 

Below we'll walk through the steps to track a coach's progress within an evaluation. 

Before you are able to track a coach's progress, complete the steps below:

Step 1: Within the Assessment from the left side menu, click on the Evaluation tab then click Assignment Status

Step 2: View the coach's progress by observing the percentage tracker next to the coach's name and pool assignment. 

This will show you a live update of how close the coach is to completing the evaluation for all of the players within their assigned pool. 

Note: Coaches need to use the same email they were invited with in order for you to see their current progress. If they use a different email address, you will not be able to see their progress within the evaluation. 

Coaches have completed the evaluation once you see 100% in the percentage tracker. 

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