A quick way to generate a player's development report within an Assessment is from the Player Rankings tab. This can come in handy if you needed to quickly reference the report or preview what the reports will look like before using our messaging feature to email reports to players

Below is a quick video showing you how to generate a development report from the results table. 

We'll also walk through the steps below. 

Step 1: Click on the Results tab within the Assessment, then click on Player Rankings.

Step 2: Click on the yellow "i" icon next to the player's name. 

You can search for the player via the Search bar to quickly navigate to the player you are looking for. 

Step 3: Click Generate Evaluation Report

Step 4: Choose which sessions, data options, and report template you want to include in the report. 

Evaluation sessions - This gives you the option to see a report including all of the sessions a player was scored on within one report. You will be able to flip between the sessions to view scores recorded for each session. 

Data options - This allows you to include the following in the report:

  • Session Pool Rank - How the player ranked when compared to the other players within their player pool assignment. 
  • Session Pool Average - Average score for each criteria compared to other players within their player pool assignment.
  • Comments - Any comments recorded across all evaluators with the option to show the evaluator's name under each comment. 
  • Media - Photos and videos recorded on specific criteria (available on Pro and Elite tiers). 

Template - Choose between our web based default (mobile-friendly) report and our legacy (PDF only) report. We highly recommend the default report since most parents tend to view the report on a mobile device. 

Step 5: Click Generate Report to see a preview of the report.

If using the default template, you are able to switch between a desktop view and mobile view by clicking on the monitor icon or the mobile phone icon

You can also open the report in a separate window by clicking Athlete Report URL to see exactly what is included on the report based on the selections you made before generating it. 

If you want to copy the report URL to your clipboard, click on the clipboard icon


Optional: Customize the colors and logo in the report. 

If you want to brand your report with your organization colors and logo, you can do so under Organization Settings within your Admin menu. Check out our article, Changing your Organization Profile settings, for details on how to add in your colors and logo. 

Note: If you do not have player profile photos available, the crest logo will be removed from the report. Below is an example of what the report will look like for a player without a profile image. 

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