If you are a coach you may be doing in or end of season evaluations in TeamGenius. You can also use our web evaluation tool to enter tryout scores. The web evaluation tool can be found at eval.teamgenius.com 

You will need to log in with your name, email and the access key the organization you are evaluating on behalf of provided. Optionally they may have sent you a link via email that can direct you to the TeamGenius web evaluation tool.

Evaluation Session and Pools

After you click on Sign In you will be brought to the Session or Pool Selection screen. This will let you select the evaluation Session and Player Pool you are going to evaluate.

If you see multiple Session options click on the session you are scoring. Next click on the Player Pool (Age or Team or Level).

Choosing Players to score

  1. You can filter by Eval Group and or Position. 

  1. Click on the box to the left of the player name / player number to select individual players.
  2. Or click on  the top multi select (left of the word Player) to select the players you are going to score.

Note: Sometimes you might only see the player's number if the organization is choosing to hide the player names. 

Entering scores

Next click on Go To Scoring and click on the Scoring Form you want to enter scores in.

  1. This will bring you to a list of your players or criteria on the left. 
  2. Click on the player or criteria you want to score.  
  3. Then Click on the score for that criteria.
  4.  (NOTE: you can view players in the left view or criteria by clicking on the title above the players name. You will see a meter to show percentage of scores done on the specific player or criteria.)

TeamGenius has two different types of scoring forms - Subjective and Quantitative. 

Below we'll go over how to submit scores on each type of form. 


Depending on how the organization structured the scoring form, you will see one of the three options below:

Slider Scale - Numerical scale with scoring increments predetermined by the organization. Simply type in the score via the text box or slide the button to the score you wish to assign to the player. 

Drop Down List - Name values for you to assign as the player's rating. Click on the arrow in the drop down box, then select the name value you wish to assign to the player. 

Button Group - Name values for you to assign as the player's rating. Click on the name value you wish to assign to the player. 


With quantitative scoring, you are able to enter a measured number for a player. This could be time, distance, or even the number of times a player successfully completes a skill. 

With a timed test, enter a score manually by tapping on the "0" on the left or by using the  stopwatch function. 

To use the stopwatch function, click on the grey watch icon. Click on the green start button to start recording the time. Click Save to record the score and Reset if you need to start over without saving the score. 

To record a distance select the distance from the drop down options.

To record repetitions enter in the score by typing in the number.


You can enter comments by clicking on the text bubble to the right of your score. All scores auto save when you see the green check mark to the right of the scores it is saved.

If your organization has set up pre set comments you will see them when you open the comments bubble. Simply click on a pre set comment and it will add to the score of that criteria.

If you need to go back to pick different players to score, a new Pool or new Eval Session you can click the back button in the upper left corner of your screen. If you want to log out, see instructions or reload the page you can click by your organizations name/logo in the upper right corner of your screen.

Please reach out to us via help@teamgenius.com if you have any questions or experience issues when using the our web evaluation tool. 

Good luck evaluating!