Looking for a record of any changes made by your admin team to player's scores within an Assessment? The Score Audit page will show you that information. 

Note: This is a Pro tier feature. If you are not on the Pro tier, reach out to your CSM about upgrading to gain access to the Score Audit page. 

The video below shows you exactly what the Score Audit page looks like and how to find it within your Assessment. If you prefer written details, check out the context below. 

Viewing the Score Audit page

Within an Assessment, click on the Results tab in the left side navigation menu, then click on Score Audit. 

Here you will see a record of any changes admins have made to the Manage Scores tab including the admin who made the change, the player and score that was updated and the date it took place. 

Remember, only system administrators can edit the Manage Scores tab. 

Note: You are not able to delete information from the Score Audit Page. This is a record of any changes that have been made to scores and therefore cannot be altered. 

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