Composite Ranking Score is a feature in TeamGenius that allows you to see an overall composite score from a player that has moved Player Pools within an evaluation. 

You'll still be able to see the TeamGenius overall score for each Player Pool a player is scored in individually, but this creates a separate score on the Results grid encompassing the scores from all Player Pools.  

What this feature can do:

  1. Allow you to combine a player's in season evaluation score with their tryout score. 
  2. See a final score across the Player Pools a player has moved between during tiered evaluations
  3. Set a max aggregate score for each Player Pool

Note: This is a Pro tier feature. If you do not have the Pro tier, please contact your TeamGenius CSM to discuss enabling it for your association. 

This feature is best explained in a video, so we recommend reviewing the one below. 

In this article, we'll go into more detail about how to enable and view this feature. We highly recommend reaching out to your TeamGenius CSM if you want to use this feature for one of the use cases mentioned above so they can walk you through the specific steps needed to set up the assessment correctly. 

Enabling Composite Ranking Score

Navigate the the TeamGenius assessment you want to enable Composite Scoring on. You'll need to enable it for each assessment. 

Click on Setup in the left navigation menu, then go to Advanced Settings. 

Check the box to enable Composite Ranking Score, then click Save. 

Viewing the Composite Ranking Score

Once the feature is enabled, navigate to the Results tab and click Player Rankings. 

You'll now see a new column next to the TeamGenius overall score. 

If you have scores in your assessment, you can hover over the scores in the Composite Score column to see what Player Pools they include for a specific player. 

The player will appear multiple times in the Results Grid depending on how many Player Pools they've been assessment in. The TeamGenius overall score (Owl icon) will continue to show you the score for that specific pool, but the Composite Score will show you a combined score across Player Pools. 

Setting Max Aggregate Scores by Player Pool

Navigate to the Player Pools section under Setup within your Assessment. If Composite Ranking Score is enabled, you'll see a column titled Max Aggregate Score. 

To set the max aggregate score for each Player Pool, click the Edit button next to the Player Pool Name. You'll now see the option to input a max aggregate score for that Player Pool. 

The max aggregate score is the maximum final value a player can receive. This is different from the Slider Scale max on the Scoring form level

For example, if you have tiered evaluations where the A tier is the top tier, you can set the max score as a 100 for anyone in this tier. If the B tier is the middle tier, you could set a lower max aggregate score so a B tier player cannot rate higher than an A tier player. 

If a player moves tiers during the evaluation, you'll be able to see the Composite Score taking into consideration the max aggregate set for each Player Pool the player has been scored within. 

As mentioned above, to explore using the Composite Ranking score for a combined in season/tryout evaluation or a multi tier evaluation, we highly suggest reaching out to your TeamGenius CSM to discuss your specific needs. While there are similarities across associations, we find most tend to have specific needs that need to be discussed before the assessment is set up.