Teams are great for evaluations that take place during the season or off-season after you have selected teams at tryouts. You can track evaluation progress, invite coaches, and sync teams to SportsEngine & TeamSnap from the Team Dashboard.

To get started, click on "Teams" in the drop-down menu found by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of any TeamGenius page.

From this Dashboard, you can:

  • Create a new Team
  • Manage/Assign/Invite Coaches to Teams
  • Sync Teams to SportsEngine
  • Sync Teams to TeamSnap

Create a Team

To create a Team, click on the teal Create New Team button.

On this screen, you need to give your team a name, upload a logo (optional), Add a Coach to a Team, and Create a Coach.

*Note - please click the Save button before moving on to the next step.


Create a Coach

Creating a new Coach is simple. You'll first want to head to the Manage Coaches page from the main dashboard


You'll now see a list of all the coaches for your organization (if you have any). If you want to create a coach, simply click the teal Create Coach button on the top right of the menu. It will then prompt you for the name and email of the coach you want to add, along with any team you want to assign them to (if you have any already created).

If you want to change any of the information about a coach you can click the blue Edit button located left of the coaches name on the Coaches page. From this page you'll be able to change the coaches information, such as name, email address, and which teams their assigned to.

To add a coach to a team, simply click on the outlined box labeled + Add Team, and from there a list of the teams available will appear for you to select.

When you're done with editing a Coach, click on the blue Save button and your changes will be updated.