The Comment Snippets section allows you to create a pre-defined list of comments. In the TeamGenius mobile app, evaluators will be able to simply tap on one of these items to quickly add a useful comment to a player’s records.

You can copy and paste these from current evaluations or email your coaches and add the best comments they suggest for easy detailed feedback.

Navigate to Comment Snippets under Setup in the left side menu.


Click on Create Comment Snippet to then be taken to the screen below.

Choose what text you would like to show up for evaluators in the mobile app.

Then, you can assign this comment to specific Scoring Forms or Criteria.

Note - do not select any specific Scoring Forms or Criteria to have the Comment Snippet available across all criteria in the Assessment.

Click Save to make sure the Comment Snippet will be available in the mobile or web application as an option for the evaluators to choose from when adding comments for an athlete.

Next Step:  Advanced Settings