Ready to invite your admin team to join TeamGenius? Follow the steps below to invite and manage admins in your account. 

Managing Current Users

If you need to review or make changes to your current admin team, you can do so from Manage Users. 

Hover over the Settings tab in the top navigation menu, then click on Manage Users


Manage users will display all of the individuals with access to your account and their access level, listing them by name and email. From here, you can delete someone's access or edit it. 

Click on the trash can icon to remove a user from your account. 

Click edit to change the access level - see our article User Access Levels, explained for more. 


Note: You do not need to invite coaching staff or evaluators here. Evaluators only need the assessment access key to log scores in the evaluation.

Inviting New Users 

If you need to invite new team members to join TeamGenius at the administrator level, go to Invite New Users.

Hover over the Settings tab, then click on Invite New Users.

To add a new user, click on the green "Invite Users" button.

This opens a popup where you will enter the email address(es) you wish to invite. 

Select the box to the left of System Administrator if this is the access you'd like to grant.  See System and Assessment Level User Access Overview for more information.

All invitations must be accepted within 30 days. If necessary, use the re-send invite button to send another invitation.  You can also use the trash can icon to delete your invitation.

Once a new user has accepted the invitation you can change levels of access under Manage Users. 

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