Start by selecting Player Check-In under Players in the left menu.

To Check-in a player search for the player name in the upper left search box. Then click on the yellow box to the left of the player name to assign a number and pool.


Note: Players need a number and pool assigned to be fully checked in and to show up in the mobile app to score. Add a number or assign to a pool and click save. Then the player is Checked-in.

To add a walk-up player manually, simply click the green “Add Player” button in the upper right of the window.

A popup allows you to enter athlete information. NOTE - First Name, Last Name, and Player Pool are all mandatory so that the athlete can be assessed (Number is also required if using the Tryout assessment type).

Clicking "Save and Close" will add this athlete to your TeamGenius athlete database. That athlete will then be available for scoring with the mobile and web apps. You will then be returned to the check-in screen.  

Clicking on "Save and New" repeats the checking in process.


See our help article: Mobile App Player Check-in to learn how to add players through the TeamGenius mobile app.